If you are interested in renting out your property, the first step is to arrange a property valuation/appraisal.

One of our experienced property managers will contact you to arrange to meet you and discuss how to best market your property.


Renting out your property could give you the freedom to move on at a time when selling has become incredibly difficult. It can allow you to move and rent elsewhere, or even buy a property without selling your own. But it also turns you into a landlord with all the responsibilities it entails. When you register with us, we’ll add your  property details to our list of properties. You’ll still have full management of the property, so we’ll try to find a tenant that you’ll be happy with. If your property is empty, you can rent to anyone whilst you are on our list.

At Podium Property Rentals in Marbella we can find you tenants and help with contracts and more if you need it. Podium gives you the best possible chance of finding your ideal tenant, and you stay in control. No Hidden Fees; No Renewal Fees

Property Rentals in Marbella

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