Renting an Apartment or Villa with Podium property rentals Marbella and Costa del Sol.

Villas and Apartments and houses available to rent in Marbella, San Pedro de Alcantara, Elviria and Estepona.


If you would like to rent your Apartment or Villa in Marbella then get in touch with us today. podium property rental agents have long term rentals and holiday service in Marbella and the surrounding area. We can help you get your property rented and start earning money. We also have clients looking for house or apartment sharing, if you have a spare bedroom that is available to rent please contact us and we will help you find the right person.

Prepare Your Home

Tenants are more attentive and choosy in a down market because of the increased availability rental homes, and their expectations are much higher. Prepare your apartment or villa for the new tenant by thoroughly cleaning and making all appliances are working and are in good condition. If you’ve decided that you are renting out a room or area within your house, make sure that you can secure that area from the rest of your home.

The short term rentals are normally by week and up to a months rental depending on the length of the rental contract.

Long Term is up to 11 months and after that you can normally renew the contract again.

In both cases you will have to pay a deposit depending on how long you want to stay. For long term rental its 2 months deposit, payment of the current month and half a month agent fee.

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